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Department of Counselling

Our Vision

  • To be a model in building a community of individuals with positive mental health by applying cutting edge Psychological findings.

Our Mission

  • To help individuals understand the importance of mental health and hygiene.
  • To apply psychological principles in advancing human welfare.
  • To help students sort out their strengths from weaknesses and help build on their strengths.
  • To be a part in building a Nation of people with a sense of wellbeing.

Individuals who have a meaning and purpose for their lives move from surviving to flourishing. The main goal of counselling is aiding in this changeover by helping individuals to focus on their strengths and positive behaviour by making use of literature and research-based treatments. With the intent to address and help resolve the emotional and psychological issues of the college community with a main focus on students, the Counselling Department came into existence in the academic year 2019-2020. Education supports the overall development of a student and counselling plays a significant role in that development.

The Department through the Counselling Cell encourages students to understand themselves and the issues that trouble them and guides them in helping them to resolve their problems through personal and group counselling. Students are motivated to identify the inner strengths that can be used to deal with their present problems and empower them to use the same to address future problems. They are helped to understand that meaning in their life and deep satisfaction is worth more than just fleeting happiness. Emphasis is given to maintaining healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle.  

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