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Department of Physical Education

Our Vision

  • "To engage in relentless pursuit of Excellence in the promotion and development of Physical Education and Sports through innovative programs in teaching, coaching, research, and outreach activities and evolve a holistic approach to the betterment of human resources through a harmonious blend of body, mind and spirit"

Our Mission

  • 1. To create an ideal academic environment for Learning, Scholarship, Professionalism, and Collaboration that fosters Excellence in active student learning and professional growth.
  • 2. To design and introduce innovative, integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum in Physical Education, various Sports and games, and allied areas and provide Leadership to the Profession.
  • 3. To develop High-Tech research facilities, contribute to the body of knowledge through scholarly work and publications, and disseminate the findings to the professionals, faculty, and students.
  • 4. To facilitate the application of research finding to refine and sharpen the coaching and training techniques in Physical Education and Sports.
  • 5. To closely collaborate and coordinate with the State and National bodies in Physical Education and Sports, in matters of common interest and concern.
  • 6. To actively design programs for the promotion and development of fitness and health concept among the students, faculty, and the community around to mold them into physically fit and emotionally mature citizens.

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