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M.Sc. Microbiology

The course aims to provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of Microbiology and their experimental basis to enable students in acquiring specialized knowledge by means of dedicated lecture series and subject-oriented practical and research project After successful completion of the programme, the student gains applied knowledge in Microbiology and will have broad information in Microbiological applications and opportunities in the field of microbiology.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs) for MSc Microbiology 

  • PSO1. Gain in-depth understanding of various aspects of microbiology pertaining to medical, agricultural, environmental and industrial applications.
  • PSO2. Familiarized with latest and advanced research tools and techniques pertaining to biology.
  • PSO3.  Analysis of scientific issues across the spectrum of related disciplines.
  • PSO4.  Acquire skills specific to microbiology and allied fields for converting information to knowledge through hypothesis, design, execution and analysis.
  • PSO5. Design experiments to prove scientific process and to synthesize product/ services for the benefit of community.
  • PSO6. Ability to retrieve biological information through data mining and data handling.
  • PSO7.  Ability to present their work through written, oral, and visual presentations, including an original research proposal.
  • PSO8. Enable the students to improve the quality of human lives in relation to environment with the knowledge in microbiology.
  • PSO9. Capacity to work as a member of team upholding the essence of collaboration, cooperation, ethics and integrity.
  • PSO10. Ability to upgrade knowledge independently and act upon means of improvement for lifelong learning.

Quick Stats

Offered by Type Mode Seats Duration
University of Calicut Self Financing Full Time 12 2 Years


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