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Student Support Programme (SSP)

As a part of New Initiatives by the Department of Collegiate Education, Pazhassiraja College, Pulpally has started Student Support Programme from the academic year 2014-2015. The candidates are selected from the first semester of the Undergraduate Programme. The programme offers personalised additional instructional sessions of 60 hours each in Semesters 1 & 2 to support 50 academically backward students. Six teachers specialise in six areas of knowledge and a co-ordinator is involved in the successful implementation of the programme. The extra coaching has proved to be highly beneficial to the weaker students who aspire to be successful in life.

About SSP

The Government of Kerala had launched the Student Support Programme (SSP) in the Government Arts & Science Colleges during 2012-13. It was extended to 27 Aided Arts & Science Colleges during 2013-14. The Programme is being given to all the Aided Arts & Science Colleges in 2014-15. The Scholar Support Programme aims at imparting personalised additional support to needy students through Tutorials, study materials, additional lectures, question banks and interactive sessions, formation of Quality circles in colleges for the programme, dissemination of classes through Personal and Web based modes etc.

The Directorate of Collegiate Education is implementing the Programme. Funds are allotted to colleges for the implementation of the Programme for 50 selected students of the College. The Programme for 2018-19 is to be completed by 31st March 2019 as per the Guidelines issued in this regard. The students have to be made aware of the Programme and applications invited from them and selection done by the college. The candidates selected under the Programme must be from the first year of the Undergraduate Programme. Students who are having less than 60% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination and who need some additional support in identified subjects alone are to be included in the Programme. If it is not possible to identify such students, students having the lowest percentage of marks in the qualifying examination from among the applicants may be selected.

Classes are to be engaged by the faculty of the College itself. The Programme should have a college level coordinator. The College Council should function as a Monitoring Committee for the Programme and should meet once in two months at least to evaluate the Progress of the Programme.

Ms. Theres Divia Sebastian(Dept. of English) is the coordinator of the Student Support Programme.

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