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Media Lab

Media Lab (Audio/ Video studios)

Fully equipped Television and Radio studios are operational on our campus which enables the students to learn the nuances of multimedia production. It also provides space for lectures, demonstrations, viewings, and critiques, as well as the use of the standard control room video equipment and production system. Modern audio-visual production and post-production equipment are available to the student community. The department believes in experiential learning thereby we promote the maximum usage of the available equipment. Our students are getting exposure to the contemporary requirements in the industry. We extend opportunities for our students to conduct their own experiments with audio-video production techniques. Our production and post-production studio make the students confident to work on all media platforms.

List of Equipment (Television/Photography Studio)

  • Teleprompter 
  • Chroma Cloth -Green
  • News Production apparatus
  • FJ GEAR 2Port Video Switch
  • Edit Suit (Mac)
  • Edit Suit (Windows)
  • Panasonic 3mos
  • Panasonic MD 10000
  • Nikon D40
  • Canon 1300D
  • Digitek [DTR 510 VD]
  • Vivitar VPT 3600
  • Simpex Rotalux Octagon Soft Box
  • 2x Simpex rectangular Soft Box
  • 4/2 Port VGA Splitter


Audio/ Radio Production Studio

  • Audio-Technica AT2020- Condenser Microphone
  • Focusrite Soundcard
  • Zoom H2N recorder
  • Impex Musik R 2.1


Graphic Design and Print Production

  • Graphic design applications
  • Pagination and Layout support system

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