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M.Sc. Biochemistry

Programme Outcomes
PO1 : Domain knowledge : Demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts, principles and applications of the specific science discipline.
PO2 : Resource Utilisation : Cultivate the skills to acquire and use appropriate learning resources including library, e-learning resources, ICT tools to enhance knowledge base and stay abreast of recent developments.
PO3 : Analytical and Technical Skills: Ability to handle/use appropriate tools/techniques/equipment with an understanding of the standard operating procedures, safety aspects/limitations.
PO4 : Critical thinking and Problem solving: Identify and critically analyse pertinent problems in the relevant discipline using appropriate tools and techniques as well as approaches to arrive at viable conclusions/solutions.
PO5 : Project Management: Demonstrate knowledge and scientific understanding to identify research problems, design experiments, use appropriate methodologies, analyse and interpret data and provide solutions. Exhibit organizational skills and the ability to manage time and resources.
PO6 : Individual and team work : Exhibit the potential to effectively accomplish tasks independently and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
PO7 : Effective Communication : Communicate effectively in spoken and written form as well as through electronic media with the scientific community as well as with society at large. Demonstrate the ability
to write dissertations, reports, make effective presentations and documentation.
PO8 : Environment and Society : Analyse the impact of scientific and technological advances on the environment and society and the need for sustainable development.
PO9 : Ethics : Commitment to professional ethics and responsibilities.
PO10 :  Life-long learning: Ability to engage in life-long learning in the context of the rapid developments in the discipline.

Programme Specific Outcome

At the end of the programme, the student will be able to
PSO1 : Understand the functions of biomolecules in relation to their molecular structure.
PSO2 : Acquire deep scientific knowledge in subjects like cell biology, enzymology, biotechnology, Metabolism, endocrinology, immunology, genetics, genetic engineering and clinical biochemistry.
PSO3 : Describe the biochemical basis of diseases, regulation of metabolic pathways and gene expression regulation.
PSO4 : Undertake biochemical experiments using classical and modern instruments of biochemistry & molecular biology, record and interpret the results, draw conclusions.
PSO5 : Work collaboratively as a team in classroom and laboratory.
PSO6 : Communicate biochemical concepts through effective written and oral presentation.

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Offered by Type Mode Seats Duration
University of Calicut Self Financing Full Time 12 2 Years


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