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B.Voc. Food Science

Bachelors of Vocational Degree in Food Science is a three year Degree program offering specialization in food science and skill enhancement program in the areas of Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Research & Development in an Industry and finally reach to an entrepreneur in the I, II & III year respectively with exit levels after each year such as Diploma Holder ,Advanced Diploma Holder and B.Voc. Graduate. Curriculum details would include a suitable mix of general education and skill development which are designed for specific job roles in Food Processing industry. The course includes content which equip skill development component in the candidate. Each year includes practical as well as theory courses which impart appropriate and relevant knowledge to the Food Processing industry. The candidate will be exposed to project work and on the job training in the industry as well. Food Science involves a combination of procedures to achieve the intend changes to the raw materials. These are conveniently categorized as unit operations, each of which has a specific, identifiable and predictable effect on a food. Unit operations are grouped together to form a process. The combination and sequence of operations determines the nature of the final product. Food technologists, technicians, bio technologists and engineers are required in this industry for the practical application of the principles of many disciplines of science in the manufacturing or production, preservation and packaging, processing and canning of various food products.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Program outcomes are
a) They should live with moral ethical value and live in the society with responsible citizen.
b) They should be able to communicate with others effectively.
c) They should take readily any challenge before them and solve those problemspersist.
d) They must understand the environmental issues and to accept the adaption.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Programme Specific Outcomes are
a) They will demonstrate knowledge of Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology and Food science.
b) They will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve processing problemsrelated to food sector/industry.
c) They will able to focus on the importance of safe processed nutritious food.
d) They will be get exposure to various sectors of Food manufacturing system.
e) They will demonstrate an ability to design or process food products as per the needs and specifications.
f) They will demonstrate an ability to work in Food industries, research organization and teaching.
g) They will demonstrate skills to use modern tools and equipment to analyze food prone infection and food spoilage.
h) They will demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.
i) They will be able to understand economic importance of food products and food laws.
j) They will show the understanding of impact of technological solutions on the societyand also will be aware of contemporary issues.
k) They will develop confidence for self-education and ability for life-long learning.

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Offered by Type Mode Seats Duration
University of Calicut Self Financing Full Time 50 3 Years


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